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Welcome to the not-so-offical webpage of Storm Ewan! It's arrival date in the UK is yet to be confirmed but it is next in line after Storm Doris hit the UK on 23rd February 2017. Stay tuned to this website for updates on Storm Ewan!

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How do they name storms in the UK and who names them?
However, naming storms is not a new phenomenon as the US National Hurricane Centre has named tropical storms since 1953 to make it easier to refer to Atlantic tropical storms when tracking them and so the public will always know exactly what storm is ...
Storm Brian: Why are storms named? How do Met Office and National Hurricane Center decide what to call them?ChronicleLive
Storm Brian officially named by the Met Office after weather bomb formsLiverpool Echo
As storm season hits Ireland, here's the list of storms you can expect to see this
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Ophelia: Why are storms named? How do Met Office and National Hurricane Center decide what to call them?
Storm Abigail became the UK's first named storm in November 2015, before Desmond, Gertrude and Imogen wreaked havoc across the region over the winter. In the 2016/17 winter saw five named storms - Angus, Barbara, Conor, Doris and Ewan.
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The Sun
Britain hit by 60mph gale force winds as Met Office warns of power cuts and travel chaos
The Sun
This week could be Britain's windiest since the end of last winter when Storms Doris and Ewan hit on February 23 and 26, said The Weather Company, the world's biggest commercial forecaster. A record period of bad weather is being forecast in the run up ...
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The Sun
What is Storm Ewan? When is it due to leave the UK and where will it hit? All you need to know
The Sun
Ewan is a powerful new storm front sweeping through the UK from the West at speeds topping 90mph. It was named by the Irish Met office, making it the fifth named storm this year – just two months into 2017. Although Ireland will bear the brunt of the ...
UK weather: Storm Ewan snow hits parts of country as FOUR INCHES forecast to cause travel
Tail of Storm Ewan whips UK with heavy snowMetro
Colder than SIBERIA: Britain faces coldest March in YEARS as snow and -9C freeze hitDaily Star
Irish Times
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Storm Ewan is continuing to wreak havoc as temperatures plummet
Strong winds, snow and icy conditions are moving closer to us today as Ireland battles Storm Ewan. The UK will see difficult driving conditions and winds of 60mph are expected to bring travel chaos. Student charged with terror offences prepared to join ...
Storm Ewan to impact IrelandMet Office (press release)
Storm Ewan arrives only days after Doris left trail of destructionSky News
London weather: Capital set for hail and thunder as Storm Ewan hits UKEvening Standard
Birmingham Mail -Huffington Post UK
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Daily Star
MASSIVE 1000-mile wide 90mph storm to hit Britain TOMORROW
Daily Star
“The coming week looks like the windiest spell since the end of last winter, when storms Doris and Ewan occurred in February.” Related articles. UK weather WARNING: Britain faces MORE powerful storms throughout autumn · Triple superstorm MAPPED: ...
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Daily Mail
Britain faces the WINDIEST week since last winter with 70pmh gusts from the tail ends of Hurricanes Lee and Maria
Daily Mail
The coming week will be Britain's windiest since the end of last winter when Storms Doris and Ewan hit on February 23 and 26, said The Weather Company, the world's biggest commercial forecaster. Pictured, a woman walking her dog through a north ...
Scotland braced for 70mph winds and a month's rain in 48 hours as tail-end of Hurricanes Lee and Maria boost huge ...The Scottish Sun
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EasyJet flight is forced to twice abandon landing as Storm Ewan begins to strike the UK: Britain will be hit by ...
Daily Mail
Ewan, the fifth named storm of the season, hit Ireland this morning before sweeping across the Irish Sea and the north-west coast of the UK. It was so windy this afternoon that an easyJet flight from Geneva couldn't land at Leeds Bradford International ...

The Weather Channel
Double strike! Severe storms could be unleashed on Britain in quick succession
The Weather Channel
Southern areas are also likely to be hit by potent 40mph gusts with Britain set for its windiest week since Storms Doris and Ewan struck in February. Leon Brown, head of meteorological operations at The Weather Channel, told The Mirror: “A week with ...
Storm Ophelia: Kirkcaldy residents' lucky escape as fallen trees cause traffic problems
The Courier
Ewan McMillan, SP Energy Networks' district general manager for Central and Fife, said: “Even though power cuts are rare events for most people, during times of extreme weather they become more likely, making it important for everybody to be prepared ...

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P. Middleton (@pauldazM69)

@bbcweather Who remembers storm Angus( 19th Nov 16) Doris(21st Feb 17) Ewan (26th Feb 17) storm naming? Good or bad…

22:50:01 20/10/2017


Ewan Veal (@ewan_veal)

@Briony_Storm 🙃🙃

21:58:53 18/10/2017


Ewan Mckenzie (@ewan_av)

RT @Peebsey89: Storm #ophelia causing havoc with the sky. Did he say jizzum ball bag? 😂😂

15:21:36 18/10/2017


||| (@Ewan_Ewll)

RT @TheGreatArcanum: the heart is a safe haven, it is the eye of the storm; those that live there have found eternity within themselves.

23:09:37 17/10/2017


( enchiieeee ) ❤ (@EnChiieeee_Renz)

@anniyrs Geostorm as in storm na parang pinapasabog yata yung mundo tapos parang may ano sa space ewan ko ba tinignan ko lang trailer HAHAHA

13:21:08 17/10/2017


CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND (@ewan_mcmahon)

RT @ClassicMichy: When you get a day off school because of Storm Ophelia but then your house gets blown down

09:30:25 17/10/2017


Dylan (Green Ninja) (@RealBrickPal)

RT @dveese: Ewan’s Obi-Wan is just so damn cool. Best part of all the prequels. If he’s not cast in a new Kenobi film we should all storm…

04:15:05 17/10/2017


Dan Veesenmeyer (@dveese)

Ewan’s Obi-Wan is just so damn cool. Best part of all the prequels. If he’s not cast in a new Kenobi film we shoul…

02:16:11 17/10/2017


JJ Devaney (@JJDevaney)

@EwanMacKenna @BelfastChick100 @McDonnellDan @urbanfoxe @Maire_OD @EricHolthaus @RAnneShirley Will be the only game…

03:59:00 16/10/2017


Ewan Veal (@ewan_veal)

@Briony_Storm We got tomorrow night 🤗♥️

22:48:54 15/10/2017


briony storm (@Briony_Storm)

Nothing I hate more than spending a whole weekend with Ewan then going back to sleeping alone

22:48:25 15/10/2017


Bishop Buckley (@Ewan_Lynch13)

Only good thing about this storm is there's a possibility it could kill me yuuuuup tittieeeeeess

16:54:00 15/10/2017


Ewan Strydom (@Ewan_Strydom)

Most Memorable #birthday to date! #Superman and #Batman partying up at storm @BugzPlay! #keanturns5!!

19:35:12 14/10/2017


Liv (@hillylivvy)

@ewan_veal @Briony_Storm Get a room 😉

02:27:12 14/10/2017


Titus Magnus👊🏼😀🛡 (@Titus_Magnus)

"Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side Storm clouds may gather And stars may collide But I love you unt…

01:12:56 14/10/2017


Ewan Veal (@ewan_veal)

@Briony_Storm Neither can I 😝😝

12:25:14 13/10/2017


briony storm (@Briony_Storm)

Can not wait to spend another weekend with Ewan !!!

09:32:40 13/10/2017


briony storm (@Briony_Storm)

@walkers_crisps @ewan_veal

22:33:01 12/10/2017


Ewan Veal (@ewan_veal)

@Briony_Storm You got this! Not long until the weekend!♥️

15:34:38 12/10/2017


briony storm (@Briony_Storm)

I’m so lonely when Ewan is at work

14:58:54 12/10/2017


briony storm (@Briony_Storm)

@ewan_veal I love you tooooo♥️

12:40:40 12/10/2017


Ewan Veal (@ewan_veal)

@Briony_Storm I love you so much Briony! 😝♥️

12:40:07 12/10/2017


briony storm (@Briony_Storm)

Why did Ewan just ask me if emus grow arms ???

20:23:13 11/10/2017


Ewan (@Ewan_Jones25)

RT @Eminem: "The Storm" (Freestyle)

16:45:36 11/10/2017